Normady Four discuss Ukrainian elections, cease-fire

Parties agreed to have another round in four days

Normady Four discuss Ukrainian elections, cease-fire

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The leaders of Ukraine, Germany, France and Russia have agreed to accelerate the pullback of heavy weapons in eastern Ukraine and to talk next week about holding local elections as Ukraine decentralizes its government. 

"The importance of having a single date for the organization of local elections in the whole of Ukraine - including some sectors of the regions of Donetsk and Luhansk - was underlined," said a statement from French President's office.

The next round of negotiations over decentralization plan and the elections is scheduled to be held on Tuseday, July 28. 

On weapons, the leaders agreed that preliminary accords to extend a pullback of weapons in east Ukraine should be signed quickly.

Ukraine and pro-Russian separatists agreed earlier this week that tanks and smaller weapons systems should also be withdrawn in addition to heavy artillery, as was previously agreed.

Under a cease-fire agreement brokered in Minsk in February, weapons of over 100-mm caliber should have already been withdrawn, but Russian side continues to use heavy artillery. Casualties are reported almost daily from their use.

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