PKK supporters in Europe protest against ISIL

Demonstrators in several nations protest against what they say is a lack of support from Turkey for Kurdish fighters in Kobani

PKK supporters in Europe protest against ISIL

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Supporters of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, or PKK, have protested in several European countries against Turkey’s lack of support for Kurdish fighters in the Syrian town of Kobani, currently besieged by the ISIL.

ISIL militants have taken control of much of the city on Turkey's border after launching an offensive in mid-September, capturing many villages and towns in the region from Kurdish fighters, who are grouped into "People's Protection Units", or YPG.

But Turkish officials have said the country is against supporting armed groups of the PKK-offshoot Democratic Union Party, or PYD, in Kobani with military and financial aid, despite the fact Turkey is against ISIL.

Up to 100 protesters sat in front of the European Parliament in Belgium for several hours Tuesday to protest against the lack of action.

Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, admitted representatives of the protesters to hear their demands and complaints.

He said in a written statement after talking with them, that he shared the same concerns over the civilians in Syria and Iraq.  

'Stop massacre' calls

Meanwhile, protesters threw four Molotov cocktails at the Turkish Consulate in Marseille, France on Tuesday morning.

Later in the day, about 20 protesters tried to forcibly enter the consulate, but were prevented by security officials.

Other demonstrators holding PKK flags gathered in front of the United Nations headquarters in Geneva in Switzerland to protest against the clashes in Kobani.

About 10 protesters jumped over a security fence and tried to haul down a Turkish flag, but were prevented by UN security staff.

A group of protesters in Denmark sat in Copenhagen Airport and shouted slogans against ISIL. 

There were also protests at Italy's Fiumicino Airport, where demonstrators held up PKK posters and shouted slogans including: "We will stop ISIL and the massacre in Kobani."

About 160,000 Kurdish refugees have taken shelter in Turkey since the country opened its border on September 19, according to Turkish government officials.


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