Poland to withdraw from Eurocorps force

The force, which also has contingents from Belgium, Spain and Luxembourg, can raise more than 60,000 soldiers, who normally remain based in their respective countries.

Poland to withdraw from Eurocorps force

World Bulletin / News Desk

Poland will withdraw from the Eurocorps military group by 2020, a spokesman for the Strasbourg-based intergovernmental body said Tuesday.

The withdrawal of NATO member Poland, which has "associate nation" status in Eurocorps, is a "decision of the Polish government," Colonel Vicente Dalmau told AFP.

Warsaw's eurosceptic government has reversed an earlier pledge to become a full Eurocorps member this year, Dalmau said, adding that the decision was made "several months ago".

"The Polish soldiers will leave as their individual contracts end, within three years at the latest," he said.

Poland has 120 soldiers in Eurocorps, which was set up at the initiative of France and Germany and became operational in 1995.

Of its 6,000 troops that can be put at the disposal of NATO or the European Union, around 1,000 are based in Strasbourg, with the other 5,000 in the Franco-German Brigade, stationed mainly in Germany.

Associate members besides Poland include Greece, Turkey, Italy and Romania.

The corps has served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Afghanistan and Mali.


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