Poroshenko: Ukraine should drop non-aligned status

Ukrainian president says non-aligned status cannot guarantee its security and territorial integrity

Poroshenko: Ukraine should drop non-aligned status

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Ukraine should drop its non-aligned status, Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko said Thursday.

"It is clear that the non-aligned status, which was announced in 2010, has not been able to guarantee Ukraine's security and territorial integrity," Poroshenko said.

"The non-aligned status no longer works, and thus, should be annulled," he said. "Non-aligned status prohibits the country from joining international organizations such as NATO."

Poroshenko added, however, that no prompt action on NATO membership would be taken. 

Poroshenko said that it was the Ukrainian people, not the politicians, who would decide on NATO membership. "Any urgent move would only distance the country from this intention".

Poroshenko also said that the planned reforms in the country would enable it to apply for EU membership in five years.

Poroshenko's remarks came during the opening session of The Verkhovna Rada - Ukraine's Parliament.

It was the first session of the parliament since the ouster of former president Viktor Yanukovich in February. 

The newly-formed Ukraine parliament re-elected Arseniy Yatsenyuk as prime minister earlier on Thursday.

Yatsenyuk, proposed by Poroshenko, garnered the support of 341 of 450 lawmakers in the parliament.

Yatsenyuk’s party, the People's Front won early elections on October 26, securing 22.17 percent of the vote. 

The parliament is scheduled to choose a cabinet next week.

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