Protesters injured by mounted police in Sweden

At least three people were seriously injured when mounted riot police charged demonstrators in southern Sweden

Protesters injured by mounted police in Sweden

World Bulletin/News Desk

Several people were hurt, one seriously, when mounted police moved in to separate rival sides at a far right demonstration in the Swedish city of Malmo on Saturday, police said.

"A number of people were trampled and one person was seriously injured," Malmo police said in a statement. "We do not know currently how seriously."

Police arrested nine people at the march where supporters of the Party of the Swedes were confronted by a counter demonstration by opponents who consider them neo-Nazis.

Swedes vote in a general election on Sept. 14 with immigration a major issue. Party of the Swedes has too little support to make any impact. A more moderate anti-immigration party, the Sweden Democrats, is polling at around 10 percent.

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Muhammed Öylek