Putin in Crimea, warns no ethnic group will have special status

Russian President explains inter-ethnic relations in the country, criticizes Ukrainian government

Putin in Crimea, warns no ethnic group will have special status

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Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived in Russia-occupied Crimea Monday, to pay a three-day visit aimed at developing the peninsula and promoting tourism there.

Meeting with the representatives of ethnic minorities, including Crimean Tatars, was one of the main events in Putin's Crimea-trip. 

Russian president signified that inter-ethnic relations is a very subtle and delicate thing in the country.

"I consider any speculations about the right of representatives of certain ethnic groups in Crimea to enjoy any special rights to be extremely dangerous. It is necessary to protect the rights of all inhabitants of Crimea and Sevastopol, irrespective of whether they are ethnic Crimean Tatars or representatives of other ethnic groups," he said.

Putin says it would be good for Crimea to follow Russian example where "people of different nationalities live peacefully." He also says that Kremlin would not allow foreign-funded rights groups to destabilize the peninsula by playing up problems faced by Crimean Tatars.

"Some people only use the problems of Crimean Tatar nation as a tool to fulfill their ambitions," Putin said. 

Furthermore, Putin did not miss a chance to comment on situation in neighboring Ukraine. He slammed the Ukrainian government for appointing foreign citizens to key positions, calling it "a shameful practice."

"I am sure that despite all the current difficulties the situation in Ukraine will improve and Ukraine will develop," he added. 

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko meanwhile accused Putin of trying to whip up tensions in eastern Ukraine by visiting the annexed peninsula. 

Crimea remains illegaly occupied by Russian Federation since March 2014 after conducting an extremely controversial referendum, incorporating the peninsula. 

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