Romania government feels heat after record demos

The seventh straight evening of protest came even after the left-wing government scrapped the measure that started it all: an emergency decree weakening anti-corruption laws.

Romania government feels heat after record demos

World Bulletin / News Desk

Romanian protesters on Monday demanded their government quit, stepping up pressure after a week of demonstrations unparalleled in ferocity in the three decades since the end of communism.

"We do not want to spend our nights here, but we can no longer trust the government," Marius, a 35-year-old among 10,000 in Bucharest said.

Brandishing banners, waving flags and blowing whistles and horns, half a million people had taken to the streets across the country on Sunday to drive home their mistrust of the government, many of them chanting "Resign! Resign!"

But despite the protests -- the biggest since people power brought down dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and the communist system in 1989 -- the government remained defiant.

Prime Minister Sorin Grindeanu on Monday called for calm and insisted he "understood the protesters' message".

He stressed that his Social Democrat party (PSD), which won a resounding election victory only in December, has "a responsibility to the people who voted for us" and would stay.

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