Russia: German seizure of Iran items 'unacceptable'

Bushehr is scheduled to open in August.

Russia: German seizure of Iran items 'unacceptable'

Russia complained to the Security Council on Monday about what U.N. diplomats said was Germany's seizure of items bound for a nuclear power plant in Iran, saying such moves were not in line with U.N. rules.

Russia had previously told members of the council's Iran sanctions committee it was furious about Germany's seizure of technology bound for the Russian-built Bushehr nuclear reactor in Iran and the questioning of several men connected with the deal, U.N. diplomats told Reuters.

Without mentioning Germany, Russia's U.N. Ambassador Vitaly Churkin told council members during a meeting on U.N. sanctions against Tehran Moscow was unhappy with the moves by "third states" to prevent the delivery of certain items to Iran.

Churkin described such restrictions, which go beyond four rounds of sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, as "unacceptable" and "not in line" with council resolutions.

"Strict compliance with Security Council resolutions ... requires the need for member states to refrain from the use of additional limitation constraints ... especially ones of an extra-territorial nature," he said.

Russia's dispute with Germany arose, diplomats said on condition of anonymity, after equipment several Germans had acquired on behalf of Russia and its Bushehr light-water reactor in Iran was seized by German authorities and the Germans involved held for questioning.

Bushehr is scheduled to open in August.

But the European Union's own directives on implementing U.N. steps against Iran go further than the U.N. sanctions and do not exempt the Bushehr reactor, diplomats say.

"It may be allowed under Security Council resolutions, but it's not allowed under EU rules," a European diplomat told Reuters. "Perhaps Russia wasn't aware of it."

Germany's U.N. mission had no immediate comment.

Moscow has also complained about recent U.S. and EU moves to tighten their own unilateral sanctions against Iran, steps they took after the council approved a fourth round of U.N. sanctions against Tehran earlier this month.


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