Russia tightens procedures for visitor visas

Visitors to Russia to be fingerprinted under orders from Vladimir Putin

Russia tightens procedures for visitor visas
World Bulletin/News Desk
Orders given by President Vladimir Putin, that all foreign nationals must be fingerprinted before obtaining a visa to enter Russia, have gone into effect.

Russian visa processing centers in the U.K., Denmark, Myanmar and Moscow's Vnukovo airport began implementing the new visa procedures on Wednesday.

An official at Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: "The practice of taking fingerprints is not a tightening of Russia's visa policy, but rather it is a necessary element of its modernization."

 "The use of additional biometrics in issuing visas toRussian citizens has been practiced by the consular services of the US and the UK for several years," 

The measures are aimed at helping law enforcement deal with illegal immigration and "terrorism", according to the ministry.

The dedicated visa processing centers will also help reduce long lines and red tape at Russian consulates and embassies, according to Russian officials.

Citizens from 31 countries, including Turkey and Brazil, are exempt from the visa requirements. 


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