Russia to make decision on Wikipedia ban

Russia is on the edge of taking radical measures against Internet encyclopedia for an article about 'charas' drug

Russia to make decision on Wikipedia ban

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Russian Federal Service for supervision of information technologies (Roskomnadzor) can block Wikipedia for violation of the Russian law on Monday, August 24, Izvestiya newspaper said. 

Roskomnadzor earlier said that they received a decision of Chernojarsky District Court of the Astrakhan region to ban the dissemination of information on how to prepare narcotic-containing substance, placed in Wikipedia.

"If the online encyclopedia will not edit the disputed content, it can be registered as banned information. Moreover, since Wikipedia online resource is based on HTTPS, separate pages cannot be blocked, therefore the entire website is going to be banned from accessing," Roskomnadzor source said.

Izvestiya claims that the decision to shut down the website is already made, but Roskomnadzor is still hoping to resolve the conflict without radical measures. 

Government officials said that if Wikipedia administration will not settle, Roskomnadzor is going to act accoring to the federal law. 

"Roskomnadzor understands the importance of Wikipedia to the society. But it can turn out that today they are 'academically' writing about drugs, tomorrow 'academically' writing about forms of suicide, and the day after that they will publish all the prohibited content," a government official said.

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