Russian President Medvedev visit mosque in Ufa

President Dmitry Medvedev used a trip to a Muslim region of Russia to urge a return to what he called tolerant Soviet values

Russian President Medvedev visit mosque in Ufa

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Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, visited Ufa Central Mosque in Bashkortostan capital of Ufa on Friday.

Within the context of his Bashkortostan visit, Russian Federation President Medvedev, who visited the Mosque and got information the problems of the Muslim community. Medvedev visited the whole port of the Ufa Mosque, which was built in 1788 by the Russian Tsarina Katherine the Second, has been modernized in a short time ago.

The capital Ufa, regional capital of the Volga River's region of Bashkortostan is about 1200 kilometers east of Moscow.

Russian President listened to Supreme Mufti of Russia Talgat Tadzhuddin while visiting the Mosque in Ufa. Medvedev said he enjoyed very much welcoming in a very warm atmosphere by the mosque's religious responsible.

"Harmony in the different groups is very important in this era. Bashkortostan is a county where many different beliefs have been living in a peace for hundreds of years," Russian President noted.

Speaking in the regional capital of Bashkortostan, he attacked political extremism and called for measures to root out nationalism from the education system.

"In Europe it has become fashionable to talk about the failure of policies aimed at multiculturalism," he said, speaking at a State Council meeting.

"If we talk about the failure of multiculturalism, then entire cultures can be destroyed, which is a dangerous thing, and European countries should understand this," he said.

Russia has more than 140 different nationalities according to a 2002 census. "There was a lot of good and bad in the time of the Soviet Union, but there was active propaganda regarding shared goals," Medvedev was reported as saying, referring to the Communist period when authorities proclaimed the ideal of a "Friendship of Peoples".

"It is categorically unacceptable to allow into governmental service those who have a criminal record for crimes of an inter-ethnic nature or are simply extremist in nature," Medvedev said.


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