Slovak PM rejects 'dysfunctional' refugee solutions

Robert Fico, visiting Macedonian border region, says a 'great unease' is sweeping Europe over migration crisis

Slovak PM rejects 'dysfunctional' refugee solutions

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Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has said warned of “great unease” in Europe over the refugee crisis, describing some EU solutions as “dysfunctional”.

Fico, together with Macedonia's Interior Minister Oliver Spasovski and Slovakia's Interior Minister Robert Kalinak, made a visit on Wednesday to a crossing point between Greece and Macedonia.

The area has seen thousands of refugees and migrants trapped between northern Greece and Balkan states who are refusing to let the vast majority enter.

Fico said: "There is a great unease about the refugee crisis. We all believe that we should adopt the European Union's solutions, but sometimes it does not work; we believe they are dysfunctional."

Fico also said Slovakia would continue to help Macedonia with technical support as the small state faces a refugee crisis on its border with Greece.

"From today on, 20 Slovak police will serve in the region to help their Macedonian counterparts," said Fico, promising more officers if needed.

Meanwhile, speaking about the 10,000 refugees waiting at the border to enter Macedonia, Spasovski said that his government's priority – in addition to providing humane treatment – was to protect the security and stability of its own country and citizens.

Fico has earlier warned of “catastrophic consequences” if the EU fails to control the situation, claiming that the bloc should strengthen its external borders and close them to refugees.

Fico also has been criticized over his statements on Muslim refugees.

In January, he said his government would not allow Muslims to create “a unified community” in Slovakia.

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