Spain arrests French recruiting for Syria rebels- UPDATED

Abdelmalek Tanem, 24, was seized on Wednesday afternoon in the southern city of Almeria.

Spain arrests French recruiting for Syria rebels- UPDATED

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The Spanish authorities have arrested a French national in the southern city of Almeria on suspicion that he has been recruiting and fighting for Al-Qaeda affiliated rebels in Syria.

Abdelmalek Tanem, 24, was seized on Wednesday afternoon, after he was accused of operating for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) along the Turkish-Syrian border.

The ISIL is a breakaway group from Al Qaeda which has been threatening other rebel groups fighting in the region as well as neighboring country Turkey.

Tanem was also accused of working for the Al Qaeda linked Nusra Front, even though the ISIL and Nusra have clashed with each other on many occasions.

Meanwhile, France said it had deported on Thursday an Algerian national suspected of recruiting young French Muslims to join the Syrian civil war, the first such case since Paris unveiled a raft of policies to stop its citizens from becoming radicalised.

Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said in a statement that a 37-year-old man who had been a resident in France since 1980 had been sent back to Algeria on Thursday morning.

The man had been close to radical groups implicated in the recruitment of individuals to join jihadist networks in Afghanistan and Syria, Cazeneuve said.

"This jihadist was arrested by Turkish authorities in a bus taking a group to Syria," he said. "Having been returned to French authorities by Turkey, he was ... immediately deported."

Cazeneuve unveiled some 20 measures in April that ranged from stripping people of French nationality along the lines of new British legislation introduced last year to prevent minors from leaving France without parental consent.

On Wednesday, Cazeneuve told lawmakers there were 285 French nationals fighting in Syria against the government and 120 that were currently in transit between the two countries. That figure had shot up by 75 percent in recent months, he said.

About 100 French nationals have already returned to France and 25 have been killed, he said.

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