Spain's ETA 'to fully disarm by April 8'

ETA, considered a terrorist group by the EU, is seeking to negotiate its dissolution in exchange for amnesties or improved prison conditions for the roughly 400 ETA members held in Spain and France

Spain's ETA 'to fully disarm by April 8'

World Bulletin / News Desk

The Basque separatist group ETA plans to fully lay down its weapons by April 8, a source close to disarmament talks said Friday.

As part of the agreement, ETA would provide the authorities with the location of its arms stockpiles, the source said.

"There is an initiative that has a date: April 8," the source told AFP.

Before then, "ETA will take steps to make this happen," more than 50 years after its creation in northwest Spain, the source said.

The comments confirmed a declaration by Txetx Etcheverry, an activist in Bizi, a Basque association, that the group's disarmament should be completed if possible before France's upcoming presidential election.

The first round of voting is on April 23.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 17 Mart 2017, 17:48