Spanish intellectuals call for exiled Muslims to be honored

A group of Spanish intellectuals launched a petition campaign for the country's most prestigious award to be given to descendants of Moorish-Andalusíes' this year.

Spanish intellectuals call for exiled Muslims to be honored

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A group of Spanish intellectuals launched a petition campaign for the country's most prestigious award to be given to descendants of Moorish-Andalusíes’ this year.

The intellectuals say on the petition campaign, that "as it coincides with the four hundred anniversary of their last banishment from the Iberian Peninsula, it is a symbolic gesture as well as necessary to the whole restoration of the Hispanic collective memory; in recognition of the exemplary way in which they have preserved alive and consciously their cultural identity wherever they arrived."

Reminding that the same award was given to Sephardic Jews exiled from Spain twenty years ago, Spanish intellectuals called for Andalusian Muslims who shared the same fate to be honored.

Muslims who managed to survive the difficult moment of the exile, spread out everywhere, from Tangier to Istanbul, they even reached America and sub-Saharan Africa.

"This recognition of the Moorish-andalusíes communities and descendants’ lively memory carries the importance of variety out at the same time that restores dignity to the forgotten ones", the petition says. " It must be able to glimpse and conceive a honest society which move away once and for all from the constant risk of practising barbarism against what is different".

Finnaly, intellectuals use the same reason when the award was offered to the Jews.

"We will finish by repeating for the Moorish-andalusíes’ descendants, the same arguments the Jury used when the Harmony Award Prince of Asturias 1990 went to the Sephardic communities: “After centuries of remoteness, this Award wants to contribute to the process of harmony, already begun, which calls those communities to the reunion with their origins, opening the doors of their old country forever”, they added.

Who are Moriscos?

In 1492, after the fall of last Andalusian city Granada, most Muslims were exiled from the country, the rest was forced to become Christian. Resisting this situation for years, Andulus Muslims occasionally resisted against the Spanish invaders. In particular, as the inquisition records emerged, numbers reveal how Muslims were burned alive year by year.

Today, many Spanish Muslims believe that their roots are based on Andalusian Muslims.

9th April 2009 marked the 400th year for one of the largest expulsion movement throughout history, which drove out Spanish Muslims who lived in the country for ten centuries and established one of the most important civilization.

Historians estimate the number of expelled Muslims between 250 thousand to 350 thousand. It is indicated that some of them went to the northern coast of Morocco, another group went to Tunisia. However, as the famous Spanish writer Juan Guytesillo expresses, this was the first ethnic and religious liquidation in Europe.

Another Spaniard author Emilio Paistroius says the expulsion of the Moorish from the country is the second biggest crime against Andulus and the Islamic civilization in the country. The first, according to the author, was to collect all books, that belonged to the Muslims, by the Queen Isabella and to burn them in Granada's Babu'r Reml Square. Medical books were exempted from this, he quoted as saying.

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Tughluq - 11 yıl Before

Will US and other European parliaments pass a resolution declare this as worst crime against humanity?

Mesneve - 11 yıl Before

Tughluq, Do you ask justice from injust? You want fairness then become strongest. Strong = become best in whatever you do.