Spanish man faces prison on 'terror propaganda' charge

Prosecutor calls for 20-month sentence for man accused of posting pro-ETA slogans online

Spanish man faces prison on 'terror propaganda' charge

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A Spanish prosecutor on Monday sought a sentence of up to 20 months for a Twitter user charged with making “terror propaganda”.

A social media user identified only as Andeka J.G. was accused of spreading propaganda for the Basque Country and Freedom (ETA) terrorist group in a Twitter message posted in January 2015.

The suspect is accused of sharing pro-ETA slogans following the death of a veteran member of the armed group, Josu Uribetxeberria Bolinaga, in January last year.

Prosecutor Carlos Bautista told the Madrid National Court that Andeka J.G. used the words to praise the ETA activist.

The Spanish authorities launched operations against social media users in 2014 and found 212 accounts spreading terror propaganda though words, still images and videos.

In the last three years the security forces have arrested more than 50 people for their alleged spreading of “terror propaganda” via social media accounts.

ETA was formed more than 50 years ago in the era of Spanish dictator General Franco to fight for an independent Basque homeland. More than 800 people have been killed in over four decades of violence.

On Saturday, five people were arrested by Spanish and French police following the discovery of a suspected ETA weapons cache.

Although those detained have been accused of being members of the separatist group, French lawyer Michel Tubiana was quoted as saying they were activists who wanted to destroy ETA weapons and hand them over to the authorities.

ETA declared a ceasefire in 2011 but has refused to give up its weapons.

In 2014 the group said it had put some of its weapons “beyond use” but the Spanish government dismissed the statement and refused negotiations.

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