Storms-hit Spain faces flash floods, much of country still on alert

In just 3 hours, a year's worth of rain fell on town of Alcanar on Wednesday, say media reports.

Storms-hit Spain faces flash floods, much of country still on alert

As parts of Spain recover from recent storm-induced flash floods, other areas of the country, including the Balearic Islands, brace for another bout of severe weather on Thursday.

On Wednesday, Spain's eastern coast was hit by storms that led to flash floods in several areas.

The Catalan town of Alcanar was hit particularly hard, with a downpour of over 215 liters per square meter overnight. According to Spanish daily El Pais, in just three hours, the town received as much rain as it usually sees in an entire year.

The Catalan province of Tarragona was also ravaged by heavy rainfall and flooding, with local police having to rescue dozens of people from a severely flooded campsite.

Video footage showed the floods in Alcanar picking up cars and other loose items on the street.

The region of Valencia was also hard hit, with emergency services responding to nearly 700 storm-related incidents in less than 24 hours. Major damage was seen in the town of Vinaros.

So far, no deaths or major injuries have been reported, though material damage is apparent.

However, the storm has not abated.

Much of northeastern Spain is still at risk of continued storms and rain, says the state meteorological agency, with parts of the Balearic Islands under severe risk of storms and even a sudden sea-level rise.


Hüseyin Demir