Strikes in France continue amid fuel shortages

About 30% of France’s gas stations still experiencing temporary shortages.

Strikes in France continue amid fuel shortages

Strikes at TotalEngines group refineries in France continued on Saturday, as a main workers union rejected a deal over pay increase that two other unions had agreed to.

The deal, for a 7% wage rise and bonus payment to the workers, was refused on Friday by the General Confederation of Labor (CGT), which has requested a 10% pay hike. The union has called for a nationwide, general strike on Oct. 18.

The CFDT and CFE-CGC unions, however, agreed overnight to a 7% pay rise and a financial bonus.

Despite the French government requisitioning key refinery staff, about 30% of France’s gas stations are experiencing temporary shortages, with northern France most affected.

Strikers have demanded higher wages from what they say profits generated by high oil and gas prices amid the global energy crisis due to Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Hüseyin Demir