Ten arrested in Italian-Albanian anti-terror swoop

Ten people suspected of joining ISIL have been arrested in a police operation on the Italian-Albanian border

Ten arrested in Italian-Albanian anti-terror swoop

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Ten people, including Italians, Albanians and a Canadian suspected of supporting ISIL were arrested on Wednesday in an operation in Italy and AlbaniaItalian police said.

The 10 were detained in three Italian cities and an unnamed location in Albania, a statement said, adding that some were suspected of helping Italians  to reach Syria to fight for ISIL.

They included four Italians, five Albanians and one Canadian.

They were suspected of violating Italian anti-terrorism laws, including one that prohibits organising trips to support foreign terrorist groups.

The arrested included Italians who had converted to Islam and Albanians living in Italy. The investigation began after police discovered that an Italian woman who had converted to Islam left for Syria with her husband to join ISIL.

Searches and arrests were carried out in the northern cities of Milan and Bergamo and in the Tuscan city ofGrosseto, where those detained included a family of Albanian nationals.

The role of the Canadian citizen was not clear in the statement. Police were holding a news conference later on Wednesday to disclose details.

In a separate operation in Rome, police said they had arrested two people from north Africa suspected of running an website that incited readers to plan attacks in Italy and the Maghreb countries of north Africa

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