Tsipras to accept latest bailout terms with conditions

In a letter, Greek prime minister offers to accept most of terms in creditor's Saturday offer with some minor conditions

Tsipras to accept latest bailout terms with conditions

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Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras on Wednesday sent a letter to eurozone government heads accepting most of the terms of the creditors' latest bailout offer made on Saturday.

The move comes after Greece has already defaulted on its obligations to the International Monetary Fund - the first developed country to ever do so - and after the 2010 bailout had already ended.

In the leaked letter Tsipras accepts most of the creditors’ conditions, but still asks for a number of changes that could wreck the deal.

Among the main modifications, Greek PM asked for a 30% discount on VAT for Greek islands, and requested that a plan to raise the retirement age to 67 by 2022 begin in October rather than at once. Tsipras is also asking for a new bailout worth €29.1 billion ($32.4 billion).

There is so far no reaction from European leaders. The Eurogroup will meet on Wednesday and, presumably, consider the new proposal.

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