'Turkey is the last castle, it must not fall'

Hungary opposition Jobbik Party leader Gabor Vona called Turkey the 'last castle' in a party gathering in Budapest.

'Turkey is the last castle, it must not fall'

World Bulletin / News Desk

The leader of Hungarian opposition party Jobbik, Gabor Vona, who is known for his pro-Turkey stance and has worked arduously to promote relations with Turkey based on mutual interests and a shared past by pushing forward the two people’s common Altaic roots, referred to Turkey as the ‘last castle’.

Speaking on last year’s Gezi Park protests which aimed to topple the Turkish government and the current ongoing graft scandal which started on December 17, which many believe is another attempt to discredit Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s government, Vona reportedly said ‘The same way this strong leader – Prime Minister Erdogan – overcame previous problems, he will also overcome these ones,’ at the Jobbik 2013 debrief meeting attended by approximately 2,000 supporters in Budapest.

The anti-EU party leader’s stand has been growing in popularity in Hungary recently, particularly among the youth and those seeking an alternative to integrating with the European Union. At the meeting, he told the audience that the Hungarian people will soon be freed from imprisonment, and that they will soon be turning their faces towards the east in order to secure their future.

Vona also said, ‘Turkey is the last castle, it must not fall,’ adding ‘we must do whatever it takes to prevent this.’

Despite being the target of animosity from pro-EU voices both inside and outside of Hungary, Vona’s Jobbik Party surprised many by winning 17% of the votes in the last general elections. Statistics have shown that Jobbik, which looks kindly upon Islam and Muslims, is the most popular party among the Hungarian youth.

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