Turkish Cyprus in search of coalition

Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus in which forming a coalition government is taken as granted has focused on alternatives after the early elections on Sunday

Turkish Cyprus in search of coalition

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Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), in which forming a coalition government is taken as granted, has focused on alternatives after Sunday's early elections.

According to constitution, the new government must be formed in 15 days. The process of forming a government begins after Supreme Election Board announces the official election results.

According to the process, the President assigns the task of forming government to a lawmaker who may take the vote of confidence. The lawmaker has to complete this task in the latest 15 days or returns the task.

A party has to have 26 lawmakers to form a government, according to the constitution. However, none of the parties could form a government in accordance with the election results. So, the parties have to form a coalition government.

The possibility of the coalition of CTP-BG and DP-UG

According to the election results, the president is expected to assign Ozkan Yorgancioglu, Head of Republican Turkish Party-United Front (CTP-BG) which took 21 seats in the election.

Yorgancioglu has two choices: the coalition with Democrat Party-Nationalist Powers (DP-UG) or the National Union Party (UBP). However, Yorgancioglu is supposed to choose DP-UG which ranked third with 12 deputies in the election.

This means CTP-BG will get "more ministries". The two parties promised to "call government to account" in case that they come to power.

Some circles also see more certainty in the coalition of CTP-BG and DP-UG.

The results of the election

According to the 670 boxes in five districts inTRNC which were opened:

The center-left Republican Turkish Party-United Front (CTP-BG): (38.37%) 21 deputies,

The right-wing National Unity Party (UBP): (27.16%) 14 deputies,

The National Union Party (UBP) and Democrat Party-Nationalist Powers (DP-UG): (23.11%) 12 deputies,

The Communal Democracy Party (TDP): (7.43%) 3 deputies,

According to these results, parties of CTP-BG, UBP, DP-UG and TDP take seats in parliament.

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