Uber drivers in London divided over ban threat

Now as the US ride-hailing app files an appeal against a ban from London, the 46-year-old Iraqi is worried that his newfound stability could crumble.

Uber drivers in London divided over ban threat

World Bulletin / News Desk

Since he was forced to abandon his construction business in Iraq and move to London to escape the advance of the Islamic State group, the US ride-hailing app Uber has become Adam's livelihood.

Adam, who requested his surname not be published, passes his days connected to the app -- from midday to 1.00 am on weekdays and until 3.00 am on weekends.

"My life is Uber," Adam said.

His work has enabled him to move out of his friend's home, where he lived for free, and rent a studio apartment alone.

Despite working seven days a week, he is pleased with Uber for helping him.

"I am happy to pay tax, I feel I am a good citizen," added Adam, a divorced father of two. 

After all expenses, he earns around £2,000 (2,200 euros, $2,600) a month with his Toyota Prius.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 13 Ekim 2017, 16:27