UK: Anti-Brexit rally urges reversal of EU exit

Protestors gathered in London to say, "Exit from Brexit"

UK: Anti-Brexit rally urges reversal of EU exit

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Thousands of anti-Brexit protesters in central London filled the Parliament Square on Saturday in a bid to urge the country to remain as part of the bloc.

Protesters, most of them dressed in blue and yellow outfits and waved EU flags, urged the British government to immediately overturn the decision to leave the EU.

Liberal Democrat MP Ed Davey said his emotions had shifted from “anger to distress, from fury to despair” and then to embarrassment at the Brexit negotiations.

"Since the Brexit negotiations begun there's a third emotion I've been feeling – embarrassment,” Davey said.

"Embarrassment at our country's leaders. Embarrassment for Great Britain,” he added.

He also urged the protesters to be “a unifying source.”

A referendum held in June 2016 saw 52 percent of people voting to leave the EU after 44 years of membership.

Many protesters carried placards that read "Exit from Brexit."

Another speaker was Tory peer Patience Wheatcroft. She said whatever is negotiated with the EU would be worse for Britain. Brexit will mean “fewer jobs and a less prosperous country”.

She urged the parliamentarians to stop Brexit.

She said: “We have to stop Brexit. Since we joined the EU we’ve had an unprecedented period of peace and prosperity. It must be right to try and maintain that.”

The U.K. is expected to leave the European Union in March 2019 after a 44-year long membership to the bloc.

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