UK, EU leaders to meet on Brexit special summit

Brexit withdrawal agreement and political declaration sign off expected in summit

UK, EU leaders to meet on Brexit special summit

The U.K. and EU leaders from 27 member countries will gather for a final round of talks in Brussels for Brexit special summit on Sunday.

The special EU Council meeting will evaluate the latest developments on Brexit, while the EU leaders are expected to sign off on the withdrawal agreement and the political declaration on Brexit.

Since Prime Minister Theresa May finalized her Brexit withdrawal agreement on Nov. 13, it has faced mass criticism from within her party and from the opposition Labour Party, with two of her Cabinet ministers resigning in protest.

May finalized the 585-page Brexit withdrawal agreement on Nov. 13 that her Cabinet reluctantly agreed to support.

On Thursday, the European Council President Donald Tusk tweeted that a draft document shaping the post-Brexit relationships between the U.K. and EU has been principally agreed by the parties.

Tusk also announced that the negotiators have reached an agreement on a joint text on the U.K.’s future relations with the EU, but he also underlined that this text now needed approval by the EU leaders. 

Following the summit, the final deal and the non-binding political declaration will face a critical vote in the House of Commons.

The border issue between the EU-member Ireland and Northern Ireland is also one of the key issues of the summit.

The U.K. -- which is set to leave the bloc in March 2019 -- has decided to leave the EU with a referendum on June 2016.