UK: Loud protest mars Egypt's Sisi visit

'Stop butcher al-Sisi', 'Cameron shame on you, British values where are you?' are some messages protesters are giving out as Egypt's Sisi meets British PM

UK: Loud protest mars Egypt's Sisi visit

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A large group of demonstrators outside 10 Downing Street is continuing to register its protest against Abdel Fattah el-Sisi’s visit to London as he meets with British Prime Minister David Cameron. 

Several protesters could be seen Thursday carrying banners and chanting slogans against Sisi and his regime.

“Cameron invite refugees not dictators”, “Stop butcher el-Sisi”, “Cameron shame on you, British values where are you?” were some of the messages given out by the protesters, who came not only from the U.K., but all over Europe.

A family of five from Spain was among a group of anti-Sisi demonstrators. Nadia, 21, said that they did not want Sisi in Britain or in Spain, and instead only wanted Egypt’s first democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi back.

The head of the Egyptian Revolutionary Council, Maha Azzam, also joined the protests against Sisi’s visit. Azzam said that Cameron should clearly tell Sisi that human rights violations in Egypt were unacceptable.

“His presence here is seen as a violation of British values, a violation of international law. He is seen as a man who kills his own people. He is responsible for the imprisonment over 40,000 political prisoners.

“He is a man who tortures his own people in prisons. He is not accepted in this country. There are many voices raised against this visit, primarily because he is seen as a threat to security. He is a threat to U.K. security. He is a threat to international security,” Azzam said.

Sisi supporters were also present at 10 Downing Street, who mostly held pro-Egyptian military placards.

British riot police took strict security measures to keep each group apart and also arrested some demonstrators.

Later, Sisi shook hands with Cameron outside 10 Downing street and without sharing any comments with the media went inside for a meeting, which continues.  

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