UK to train 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers

Secretary for State Defence Michael Fallon says UK will expand its military assistance to Ukraine

UK to train 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers

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United Kingdom will expand Ukrainian military training programme, and is ready to train up to 2,000 Ukrainian soldiers, said Secretary for State Defence Michael Fallon during briefing in Kyiv. 

Fallon reiterated about the ongoing training courses for Ukrainian troops in different areas such as infantry, intelligence, army logistics. 1,000 Ukrainian Armed Forces troops are already prepared, he noted. 

"Today I would like to say that we are announcing the expansion of this training program, we are opening new courses in four different areas  First of all, we are talking about the courses, which are designed for military-personnel to recognize  mines, improvised explosive devices better. In addition, training courses for the operation in terms of human settlements, courses for operational planning, as well as courses on engineering maintenance," notified Secretary for State Defence.

Moreover, he said, the United Kingdom intends to increase the number of Ukrainian military trainees to 2,000 people. "We plan to complete these training courses before the end of the financial year in the UK - that's around March 31," he said.

Defense Minister of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak, in turn, informed the British delegation about the escalation of the conflict in the Donbas in the last few days.

Michael Fallon arrived in Ukraine on a working visit on August 11. The British delegation intends to visit the place of preparation of the Ukrainian military by British instructors at the site of training center in the Zhytomyr region. 


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