Ukraine army preparing to take 'urgent steps'

The Ukrainian army has warned that the country's territorial integrity was under threat and said it is laying out its staff in preparation to take 'urgent steps'.

Ukraine army preparing to take 'urgent steps'

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Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has been warned by his army to take "urgent steps" to ease the political crisis in the country.

A statement from the Ukrainian defense ministry said that the army was "laying out their civil position, servicemen and employees" and was calling on President Yanukovych to take "urgent steps within the limits of existing legislation with a view to stabilizing the situation in the country and reaching consent in society."

Calling the seizure of state offices, preventing representatives of state and local authorities from fulfilling their duties "unacceptable", the Ukrainian armed forces that they had "noted that a further escalation of the confrontation threatens the country's territorial integrity."

Yanukovych, who has had to accept the resignation of his prime minister Mykola Azarov after a series of ongoing violent anti-government protests this week, is currently on sick leave.

Missing activist found badly beaten

Ukrainian anti-government activist Dmytro Bulatov, has been found with his face badly beaten after going missing a week ago. Speaking on television, he said he was kidnapped, and "crucified" by his captors.

"They crucified me. They punctured my hands," he said, adding that they had cut off his ear and slashed his face. 

Opposition leader Vitaly Klitschko, visited Bulatov in hospital, saying, "What was done to Dmytro was an act to frighten all citizens who are being active now."

Ukraine has been in turmoil since November when the government announced his was pulling out of an economic deal with the EU in favor of Russian cooperation, sparking nationwide protests.

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