Ukraine condemns Russia-'Abkhazia' deal

Ukrainian Foreign Ministry says Ukraine does not recognize alliance between Russia and self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia.

Ukraine condemns Russia-'Abkhazia' deal

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The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry said Tuesday that the country does not recognize the alliance between Russia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia.

Russia and the self-proclaimed independent area in Georgia on Monday signed a strategic alliance agreement, which includes a controversial collective defense pact.

"Ukraine does not recognize and condemns the strategic alliance agreement between Russia and the self-proclaimed Republic of Abkhazia," Yevgeniy Perebiynis, Ukrainian Foreign Ministry spokesman said.

He added that Ukraine fully supports the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. 

Perebiynis also called on the world to take decisive steps to keep Russia from breaking international law and from defying the international security system.

Abkhazia declared its independence from Georgia in 1999, with Russia formally recognizing it in 2008, following a six-day Russian-Georgian war over the South Ossetia.

Abkhazia is recognized only by Russia, Nicaragua, Venezuela and Nauru.

Moscow pledged in the new agreement to strive to have Abkhazia recognized by other countries.

For now, the majority of UN countries consider Abkhazia to be part of Georgia’s territory.


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