Ukraine officially declares Russia 'enemy', vows to join NATO

New military doctrine approved by country's National Security Council announces Russia as military adversary

Ukraine officially declares Russia 'enemy', vows to join NATO

World Bulletin / News Desk

Ukraine's National Security Council officially declared Russian Federation the enemy and set a course to obtaining NATO membership in its new military doctrine Tuesday. 

The move came amid strong political tensions over President Petro Poroshenko's efforts to get approval of a constitutional change that would devolve some powers to the regions, including the eastern regions held by the rebels.

Opponents say the change would effectively be capitulation to Russia.

It was unclear if the military doctrine's stance against Russia could dilute opposition to the decentralization effort.

The doctrine now goes to Poroshenko for his signature.

At the Security Council meeting, Poroshenko said the doctrine "not only officially establishes the Russian Federation as Ukraine's military opponent, but states the task of relocating military units and creating the necessary military infrastructure in the eastern and southern regions."

He said Ukraine's army must strive to achieve NATO standards to attain membership by 2020.

There was no immediate official reaction from Russia, which denies claims that it has sent troops and equipment to separatist rebels in Ukraine's east, and which opposes Ukraine joining NATO.

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