Ukraine orders arrest of Yanukovich's son

Oleksandr Yanukovich is wanted on charges of 'mass murder'.

Ukraine orders arrest of Yanukovich's son

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Ukraine's Interior Ministry has reportedly approved an arrest warrant for the son of the ousted president Viktor Yanukovich.

Oleksandr Yanukovich, who has not been seen since his father fled riots in the capital Kiev against his administration, is wanted on charges of 'mass murder'.

It has been alleged that the former leader's son ordered the shooting of protesters in Kiev in February.

Ukraine has been gripped by a political crisis since November when ex-president Viktor Yanukovich backed down from an economic deal with the EU due to Russian pressure.

Pro-EU protesters surrounded the presidential palace in Kiev, clashing with police on a number of occassions, until increasing violence forced Yanukovich to flee to Russia in late February.

Yanukovich was immediately ousted and an interim government was declared by the new pro-EU authorities.

Pro-Russians mainly situated in the east of the country, however, started a separatist movement in a bid to follow the autonomous province of Crimea, which was annexed by Russia following a March 16 referendum to leave Ukraine. 

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