Ukraine president says no intervention over Tymoshenko case

Yanukovich called ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko a person who loved "sensation".

Ukraine president says no intervention over Tymoshenko case

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich said on Thursday he would not intervene in a criminal case re-opened against ex-prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and called her a person who loved "sensation".

Speaking to a group of journalists, Yanukovich said he had had no foreknowledge of the resumption of the 2004 case in which Tymoshenko is accused of attempting to bribe Supreme Court judges.

"The president cannot interfere (in the legal procedure)," he said. He went on: "She likes to create a sensation. We have grown used to this extravagant woman."

Tymoshenko lost to Yanukovich in a bitterly-fought election for president in February and has refused to recognise him as legitimately elected, saying his backers conducted electoral fraud, an allegation they have denied.

When the criminal case was re-opened against her on Wednesday, Tymoshenko said Yanukovich was behind the move and accused him of carrying out "open, undisguised repression" against her.

The prosecutor's main investigation section said Tymoshenko had been called in on Wednesday and formally told that the case, which had been prematurely halted in January 2005 without a proper investigation, had been re-opened.

"At the present moment, a pre-trial investigation of the case has been resumed," its statement said.

As she left the prosecutor's office, Tymoshenko told journalists she had been summoned to see investigators again on May 17.


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