UN anti-torture body resumes Ukraine visit

The United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture had previously been suspended from visiting Ukraine

UN anti-torture body resumes Ukraine visit

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A UN torture prevention group said Wednesday it would resume a visit toUkraine that it had halted in protest over access issues following "positive talks" with the Ukrainian government.

Last May, the United Nations Subcommittee on Prevention of Torture (SPT) announced that it had suspended its mission to Ukraine after being denied access to a number of places where it suspected people were being detained and mistreated.

The group warned at the time that blocking its access was a breach of Ukraine's obligations under an international torture prevention treaty. 

Under the Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture, the group has the right to visit all states party to the agreement and to make unannounced visits to any places of detention.

Its decision last May to suspend its visit to Ukraine marked only the second time it had halted a mission, after doing so in Azerbaijan on similar grounds in September 2014.

On Wednesday, the UN the group said it would now return to Ukraine following "positive talks between the SPT and the government of Ukraine."  

The three-member delegation will visit the country from September 5 through 9 to meet with government officials, it said.

The investigators will also visit suspected places of detention, including prisons, police stations, psychiatric institutions and residential care facilities.

The visit will aim to evaluate how Ukraine has implemented recommendations the SPT made after a first visit five years ago.

After the visit, the group will send a report with its observations to the Ukrainian government, which will remain confidential, unless Kiev chooses to make it public, the statement said.

The situation in Ukraine has shifted dramatically since 2014, when a pro-Western revolt ousted Moscow-backed president Viktor Yanukovych, and Russia stepped in, seizing the Crimean peninsula and fuelling a separatist uprising in the country's east.

The conflict has claimed more than 9,500 lives since April 2014, and both sides have been accused of committing serious abuses. 


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