UN 'deeply disappointed' at EU response to refugees

Refugee agency calls for 'bold action' on dealing with migrant crisis

UN 'deeply disappointed' at EU response to refugees

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The UN refugee agency said it was “deeply disappointed” Tuesday at the EU’s failure to reach agreement on relocating 120,000 refugees under a quota system.

“We do not want to see new fences,” spokeswoman Melissa Fleming told journalists in Geneva in response to the tightening of border restrictions among the European members of the Schengen border-free zone, particularly Hungary’s construction of a razor wire fence on its southern frontier.

She said Hungary’s crackdown on its border with Serbia was likely to see refugees choosing another route to reach destinations further into Europe.

On Monday, EU interior ministers failed to reach agreement on relocating 120,000 refugees from “frontline” member states Italy and Greece to other countries under a quota system.

Fleming said the UN was “deeply disappointed that although a majority of member states were in agreement with a wider relocation proposal involving 120,000 people, a final consensus on this could not be reached.”

She added: “Decisive agreement is needed without further delay to address the needs, as is bold action based on solidarity from all member states.”

An earlier plan to relocate 40,000 refugees was agreed in Brussels on Monday but some members - primarily central and eastern European states - resisted a scheme for a greater number.

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