UN says ongoing ISIL threat needs to be annihilated

'ISIL is defeated but has not been completely finished,' UN Iraq representative says

UN says ongoing ISIL threat needs to be annihilated

World Bulletin / News Desk

Despite the recent military defeat in the region, ISIL continues to exist as a threat, the UN Representative for Iraq said Wednesday.

"ISIL is defeated but has not been completely finished," the head of the UN mission in Iraq, Jan Kubis said at the United Nations Security Council (UNSC). "I call on the coalition forces, countries in the region and the international communities to annihilate ISIL and to continue military and other efforts to ensure stability in Iraq and the region."

Noting that ISIL has committed war crimes against thousands of Muslim and minority groups, Kubis said 7.5 million people were emancipated after the ISIL terror organization lost 95 percent of the territory it has controlled in Iraq and Syria since 2014.

ISIL suffered a string of crushing defeats in both Iraq and Syria after overrunning vast swathes of territory in both countries in mid-2014.

Recalling that hundreds of thousands of people were killed and wounded in this process, Kubis emphasized that thousands of children, who have been brain-washed are deprived of education, cities were completely destroyed and 6 million were displaced.

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