'Unbalanced' driver targets pedestrians in France

Eleven people injured in Dijon, eastern France; 40-year-old assailant detained in psychiatric hospital.

'Unbalanced' driver targets pedestrians in France

World Bulletin/News Desk

A driver believed to be suffering from psychiatric illness has injured 11 people in France after repeatedly driving into pedestrians.

Local police in Dijon, eastern France, have said two people were seriously injured in the incidents on Sunday night when the “unbalanced” assailant ploughed into pedestrians in five separate locations in the city.

Police arrested the driver as he tried to flee the scene. He is now being monitored in a psychiatric hospital.

"This person definitely has a heavy psychiatric profile," Cote-d’Or police commissioner Eric Delzant told Europe 1 on Monday morning.

"He has been the subject of free admission to the specialized center of the Chartreuse at Dijon. He was followed, he had treatment. We can talk about someone who was probably quite unbalanced," he said.

Media reports claimed that the 40-year-old man said his attack was "on behalf of the children of Palestine" and had shouted "Islamic slogans."

The attack comes a day after police shot dead a Muslim convert from Burundi who tried to stab an officer at a police station near the city of Tours in central France.

Three police officers were injured.

French prime minister Manuel Valls has expressed "his support to the victims of Dijon and their families."

Interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve is expected to visit the scene on Monday.


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