UN:World credibility at stake in Syria

UN humanitarian leaders urge world leaders to bring about meaningful change in Syria.

UN:World credibility at stake in Syria

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The global community's credibility is on the line if no action is taken to bring about meaningful change in Syria, a group of UN humanitarian leaders said Friday.

"We ask ‘what does it take’ to end this crisis? The future of a generation is at stake. The credibility of the international community is at stake," read a joint statement by eight UN officials including aid chief, Valerie Amos, as well as heads of children, health, food and refugee agencies.

The Syrian civil war is entering its fifth year this month, having killed at least 230,000 people, according to the UN.

"We need world leaders to put aside their differences and use their influence to bring about meaningful change in Syria," the statement said.

The UN Security Council has faced broad criticism for its failure to address the conflict in a way that would bring about a halt to the violence. As permanent Council members, Russia and China have blocked four attempts at action.

The Council adopted several resolutions that addressed the use of chemical weapons and the delivery of humanitarian assistance, but none were enough to end the conflict and alleviate humanitarian suffering.

 The officials urged the world community to "press the parties to end indiscriminate attacks on civilians; to secure the lifting of sieges where more than 212,000 people have been trapped without food for months; to enable delivery of vital surgical and other medical supplies; to end the collective punishment of civilians by cutting off of water and power supplies; and to avoid the complete collapse of the education system."

The UN says as many as 4 million Syrian refugees are registered in neighboring countries, in addition to 7.6 million who are internally displaced.

"As humanitarian leaders we are committed to continuing to do our best to help all those caught in the middle of this war. People who are vulnerable. Besieged. With nowhere to go," said the statement.

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