Water cannon to be introduced to UK streets

British police are preparing to introduce water cannon for the first time in England and Wales to disperse anticipated anti-austerity protests.

Water cannon to be introduced to UK streets

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British police in England and Wales are preparing to ask home secretary Theresa May to allow them to use water cannon as a crowd dispersal method, as they anticipate increased anti-government protests due to austerity measures.

Mayor of the London, Boris Johnson, previously said that he was prepared to deploy water cannon on the streets of the capital as early as the summer. Police forces across England and Wales are now considering taking the same precautions.

Water cannon is already a common sight in Northern Ireland where Catholic Republican protests against the British authority have intensified on-and-off ever since the British Empire formed and annexed the state in 1921.

The move had been considered before, following protests against the Israeli air strikes on Gaza in 2008-2009, mass student protests in 2010 and the riots of August 2011.

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Simon Blackwell
Simon Blackwell - 7 yıl Önce

The Anti Social Crime and Policing bill may have been stopped by veto in the House of Lords, but in my opinion if these vehicles are allowed to roll onto the streets of Britain, we have effectively lost the right to protest.

Helen Oakes
Helen Oakes - 7 yıl Önce

Surely not? - we are just being told how much better everything has become - can this be an exaggeration?- perhaps the plan is that some of the populace will believe this and be against protestors? - or perhaps there is even worse to come for the 'have-nots' so the 'haves' feel the need to protect themselves and their power. Really sounding fascist now.