World leaders address 'economy of trust' in Russia

French, Chinese, Japanese, Russian leaders and IMF chief speak at St. Petersburg Economic Forum

World leaders address 'economy of trust' in Russia

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Leaders from France, Japan, and China along with the IMF head and Russia’s president spoke on the second day of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) in the iconic Russian city.

The central theme of this year’s forum is "Creating an Economy of Trust".

Speaking at the event, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that fundamental principles that let most countries take the development pathway -- common rules, accepted by all the players, with their stability supported by clear legal mechanisms -- are being broken by sanctions and other kinds of limitations and protectionism.

In light of the global character of the world economy, this could result in crisis, he warned.

The world is changing the rules, but these changes must be transparent and apply to everyone, he said.

On the Iran nuclear deal, Putin said there was no reason to withdraw from it as long as Iran complies with it. He also said many countries, including Israel, benefit from the deal and that destroying it will hinder understanding of Iran’s nuclear activities, creating a threat. Iran's nuclear program after 2020 and missile program need further negotiations, Putin said.

On U.S.-Russian relations, Putin said he is not satisfied with them but Russia is awaiting steps from Washington.

On an investigation this week blaming Russia for the 2014 downing of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 in Ukraine, Putin said that Moscow cannot accept its results because it rejected what Russia had to say.

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