World needs robust response to terrorism: UN's Ban

UN chief says Paris terror attacks have renewed a sense of urgency to end the nearly five-year-old Syrian conflict

World needs robust response to terrorism: UN's Ban

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United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has said the world needs a robust response to recent terrorist attacks perpetrated by ISIL.

Addressing a press conference during the G20 Summit in southern Antalya province, Ban reiterated his condolence to Paris victims and called the attacks that left at least 129 people dead as barbaric.

"No country or city was immune from the threat of terrorism. [...] Those who act in the name of religion only damage their own religion," Ban said.

He urged the world leaders to use the G20 meeting as a "rare moment of diplomatic opportunity to end the violence.

"I will stress to world leaders that our response needs to be robust, but always within the rule of law and with respect for human rights. Otherwise, we will only fan the fire we are trying to put out," he said.

Ban also called on G20 leaders to show solidarity in coping with the largest refugee crisis in decades.

"I also count on G20 leaders for support as we address the biggest crisis of forced displacement since the Second World War. This is not only a crisis of numbers; it is a crisis of global solidarity," he added.

A four-and-a-half year civil war in Syria has claimed more than 250,000 lives and made the country the world's single-largest source of refugees and displaced people.

The UN refugee agency says 95 percent of the latest million Syrian refugees have gone to Turkey, which has become the world's largest refugee-hosting country. It is home to more than two million registered Syrian refugees.

Turkey is hosting leaders of 20 major economies in Antalya for the 10th G20 summit, which is discussing the world's biggest political and security crises, including Syria and the mass migration of refugees.

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