Yanukovych calls on Ukraine army to not use force

Viktor Yanukovych urged the Ukrainian security services to not obey orders of current administration in Kiev.

Yanukovych calls on Ukraine army to not use force

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Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych on Monday urged Ukraine's military not to use force against pro-Russian protesters storming some government buildings in the eastern part of Ukraine, in an effort to undermine any such order from the current Ukrainian administration.

“As the commander in chief of Ukrainian military, I call on the Ukrainian security services: Do not abide by criminal orders. Do not open fire against the people. This would be unforgivable,” Yanukovych said in remarks delivered through Russian media on Monday. He still considers himself the official leader of Ukraine, describing the interim government as "coup-makers."

In a nationally televised address, current Ukrainian President Turchynov announced late Sunday that a full-scale military operation would be launched against the separatists if they failed to lay down their arms and vacate government buildings within which they have been barricaded since April 6.

Yanukovych held the Ukrainian administration in Kiev legally responsible for the developments in Ukraine, saying “Ukraine has stepped into a civil war with one leg already.”

Ukraine's mostly Russian-speaking east appears to be current flashpoint in the conflict between Russia and the West over Kiev’s allegiance.

Developments in the last two days are reminiscent of incidents in Crimea in February, when armed pro-Russian men seized government buildings following Yanukovych's ouster. Since fleeing the country in February, Yanukovych has taken refuge in the Rostov province of Russia.

Meanwhile, current interim Ukrainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said a special civilian armed unit would be created nationwide as a countermeasure to “terrorist attacks” in Ukraine by what he described as Russian-supported “gangs”.

In a statement given through social media Sunday, Interior Minister Avakov said the ministry is ready to mobilize than 12,000 people for a special police force, giving them the necessary equipment and weapons to handle what they see as an insurgency. The unit, which Arakov describes as a response to separatist groups trying to divide Ukraine, would involve all the regions in the country. Arakov has already signed a treaty in Luhansk province establishing a special force unit called “Vostok, or East, he said in his message.

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