Yes and No camps on bailout take to streets in Greece

Two days ahead of the referendum on bailout, both camps are set to demonstrate in Athens on Friday

Yes and No camps on bailout take to streets in Greece

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Voters for both the “yes” and “no” camps for the referendum on the bailout on Sunday are set to hold major rallies in Athens on Friday.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is expected to attend the "No" vote demonstration; the Greek government has announced its support of a vote against the bailout terms, even though the country could be forced out of the euro system should the “no” voters win the poll.

Pressure on Greek banks, which are closed this week, increases, as it is possible some may not be able to open next week, and at least one is reportedly close to failing.

Credit rating agency Standard & Poor's warned on Thursday that, without the support of the eurosystem, Greek banks and the payment system could not operate and would remain shut.

The S&P continued, in a note, to say that Greece's GDP would shrink by 20 percent in a four-year period if Greece were to leave the eurozone.

The credit rating agency said that a new Greek currency would be undervalued against the euro and would lead to an explosion in the value of the public and private debt.

The S&P said that a “Grexit” could hit capital markets and push state bond yields higher, particularly in fiscally more vulnerable countries in regional Europe.

The euro continued to trade in a narrow band on Friday between about 1.10 and 1.11 against the dollar. Asian stock markets saw little change as investors eyed the vote on Sunday.

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