36 ISIL suspects arrested across Turkey

Arrests in Adana, Konya, Sanliurfa, Izmir not thought linked to Saturday's Ankara bombing

36 ISIL suspects arrested across Turkey

World Bulletin / News Desk

Dozens of suspected ISIL supporters were arrested across Turkey on Sunday, local officials said.

The 36 arrests came a day after a terror attack killed 95 people in capital Ankara. The victims, who were gathering for a peace rally, were caught by two suicide bomb blasts in an assault that has been linked by some politicians and commentators to ISIL or its supporters.

In the southern province of Adana, a suspect thought to have arranged accommodation for ISIL recruits was arrested, the police security directorate said in a statement.

The suspect, identified as IC, is accused of renting flats for foreign nationals heading for ISIL’s “so called jihad zone” in Syria, police said. He was found possessing contact details for people in Syria.

At one flat he is said to have rented, nationals from France, Italy, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Tunisia and Egypt were discovered. They are being dealt with by the local immigration office.

In Konya, central Anatolia, counter-terrorism officers arrested 14 suspects, including a woman, across the province over alleged links to ISIL. A number of “organizational documents” were seized.

In Sanliurfa, a southeastern province that borders Syria, police arrested 14 in a counter-terrorism operation. Police did not provide any details of the specific allegations against those arrested.

A further seven were arrested in the western province of Izmir on suspicion of ISIL membership. Police reinforced by special operations and riot teams arrested suspects aged between 20 and 42.

An unregistered pistol, ammunition for a pistol and a rifle and documents were seized in searches of the suspects’ homes.

There was no indication the arrests were linked to Saturday’s explosions.

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