45 police officers removed in Istanbul

Turkish police officers who work in the phone-tapping department were removed on Monday.

45 police officers removed in Istanbul

World Bulletin / News Desk 

45 police officers in Istanbul have been given different duties in the same region on Monday.

The police officers, who work in department of phone-tapping, began to work in a different department today.

After their appointments, it was reported that new police officers for phone-tapping would be appointed soon. Hundreds of police officers were removed or appointed after the corruption probe started on December 17. 

The Istanbul-based operation saw the arrest of two dozen high-profile bureaucrats, politicians and businessmen, including the sons of two former cabinet ministers and the general manager of Halkbank.

Turkish PM Erdogan said that the anti-graft operation, that was kept secret for two years, was launched with the intention of manipulating people’s perceptions three months before the local elections.

It is believed that the ongoing scandal is a direct result of the Turkish government’s decision to close down prep schools in the country, from which the Hizmet Movement earns a bulk of its income.

The Hizmet Movement, led by religious leader Fethullah Gulen, has been accused of setting up a 'parallel state' in Turkey.

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