'Abdo Aga', father of 56 children dies

Abdurrahman Atmaca is survived by 56 children and 450 grandchildren at the age of 98.

'Abdo Aga', father of 56 children dies

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Abdurrahman Atmaca, known as 'Abdo Aga', aged 98 with 56 children and 450 grandchilden, was laid to rest in Istanbul.

Speaking to AA correspondent, one of his grandchildren, Mehmet Sirin Atmaca said Abdo's eldest child is 65 years old and the youngest one is 15 years old.

Atmaca was born in 1916 in Erzurum, a province in eastern Turkey. He married four women.

"For the last ten years, my grandfather lived with us. Due to homesickness for his place of birth, he visited Erzurum often," he added.

'Abdo Aga' died due to old age.

A funeral ceremony was held at Fatih Mosque, in Istanbul. Approximately five thousand people including his family and friends attended his funeral.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 22 Ocak 2014, 16:38