Al Jazeera to launch Turkish language service

Al Jazeera Turk will be launched on January 22, the international news portal has announced.

Al Jazeera to launch Turkish language service

World Bulletin / News Desk

Al Jazeera has announced that it is launching its Turkish language service on January 22. This will include a Turkish language website, mobile applications and a digital magazine.

It is also highly anticipated that a Turkish language TV channel will also be established next year.

Al Jazeera Turk General Manager Ismail Kizilbay said ‘With Turkey at the forefront, our aim is to provide a service for the entire Turkish speaking world. This includes those in around 130-140 million people in Europe, the Balkans, the Caucuses, Central Asia and the Middle-East.’

Turkish News Director Gurkan Zengin added, ‘Our fundamental aim is to provide a news service that is accurate the non-biased, maintaining an equal distance from all viewpoints, and to always be on the side of the people.’

Al Jazeera already provides a news service via over 70 bureaus across 40 countries around the world.

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