Arrest warrant issued for machete-wielding man in Taksim

Arrest warrent issued for Sabri Celebi who attacked Taksim Gezi Park protesters with a machete near Istanbul's Taksim Square

Arrest warrant issued for machete-wielding man in Taksim

An arrest warrent was issued on Thursday for Sabri Celebi who attacked Taksim Gezi Park protesters with a machete on July 6. 

An Istanbul High Criminal Court issued arrest warrant for Celebi, the machete-wielding man. 

Four men including Celebi were taken into custody on July 6 for "attacking" and "deliberately injuring" the Gezi Park protesters with his machete at Talimhane area of Taksim but they were released by the court on the same day pending a trial after being taken into custody.  

The release caused widespread anger for days. 

Istanbul public prosecutor Veysi Buyukkilic later filed an appeal against the release of Celebi July 9. The prosecutor sought arrest of Celebi for seriousness of offense" and evidences.

Istanbul Governor Huseyin Avni Mutlu had said, after the news about machete-wielding men who attacked the protesters, police detained those men in 5-10 minutes and informed public via his official Twitter account.

Deputy Prime Minister and Government Spokesman Bülent Arinc also criticised the release of Celebi.



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