Assassinated Chechen honorary consul in Turkey buried

A businessman known for his aid work for Chechens living in Turkey has been buried in Kahramanpasa today after being murdered in Ankara on Thursday.

Assassinated Chechen honorary consul in Turkey buried

World Bulletin/News Desk

The funerary rites of Chechnya's honorary consul in Turkey, Medet Unlu, were conducted in Kahramanpasa on Friday. Unlu was shot dead on Thursday in the Turkish capital of Ankara outside his office.

Unlu’s relatives and close friends prayed around his coffin draped in a flag of Chechnya. Mourners consoled his crying wife Leyla Unlu by praising her husband as a martyr.

Members of non-governmental organization such as the Caucasus Forum, Caucasus Foundation, and Association of the United Caucasian gathered in front of the Russian Consulate General in Istanbul with photos of Medet Unlu and Chechnya flags.

A group gathered in front of his office in Ankara condemned the murder and called for the capture of the perpetrators.

A group gathered in front of the Zonguldak Acılıt Mosque after the Friday prayerand conducted a funerary prayer in absentia for Unlu.

Unlu was shot multiple times at the consulate building in Ankara's Balgat neighborhood and died at the scene. His body was taken to the Forensic Medicine Council (ATK) for an autopsy and police conducted an inspection at the scene of the incident.

Unlu's relatives have claimed that Chechen leader Ramazan Kadirov, the son of former Chechen President Ahmed Kadirov, is behind the murder.

An investigation has been launched by the Ankara Public Prosecutor.

Omer Bezirgan, vice president of Imkander, an Istanbul-based organisation that assists refugees from the North Caucasus, said gunmen shot Medet Unlu, a Turkish citizen of Chechen origin, at his office in Ankara on Wednesday evening.

In a statement on its website, Imkander described Unlu as the "indomitable defender of independent Chechnya", a reference to the region's short period of de facto independence from Russia before the government was toppled in the second of the two wars in 1999-2000.

Imkander blamed Russia, Kadyrov and "collaborating governments" for the killing.

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