Assassination plot on Turkish FM foiled in Greece

DHKP-C operatives were believed to have been planning to assassinate Turkish foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu in Athens last month.

Assassination plot on Turkish FM foiled in Greece

World Bulletin / News Desk

It has been revealed that during a visit to Athens last month, Greek police foiled an attempt by Turkey’s far-left militant group DHKP-C to assassinate Turkey’s foreign minister Ahmet Davutoglu.

On January 3rd, Greek newspaper Parapolitika revealed that Greek police began an operation against DHKP-C operatives four days before Davutoglu arrived in the capital Athens. The operation continued throughout his stay in the city.

While Greek prime minister Antonis Samaras cancelled all of his appointments and declared a code red, the Turkish government also requested information from the Greek authorities.

The authorities in Athens were alerted when one of the operatives, who were caught on the Greek island of Chios on December 8, informed agents that DHKP-C operatives were preparing to assassinate the foreign minister. Three special agents were immediately sent to Athens to capture them.

Within three days the suspects were identified, according to Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper. Just 42 hours before the Turkish delegation’s plane arrived in Athens of December 13, a 26-year-old Turkish national, identified only as A.B., was arrested.

A.B. had his telephone records analyzed from his SIM card. Following this, two people were put under house arrest for 24 hours after suspicion was raised on their involvement in an assassination plot.

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