Bar President Feyzioglu starts fund for Turkish miners

Metin Feyzioglu, President of the Turkish Bar Association, announced on Thursday that a fund has been opened for the families of the 282 miners killed in Tuesday's coal mine disaster

Bar President Feyzioglu starts fund for Turkish miners

World Bulletin/News Desk

Metin Feyzioglu, President of the Turkish Bar Association, announced on Thursday that a fund has been opened for the families of the 282 miners killed in Tuesday's coal mine disaster. 

In an emotional speech following a visit to Soma, the western Turkish mining town where the disaster occurred, Feyzioglu said the children of the dead miners would not be left orphaned because within Turkey, "they have millions of fathers, mothers and families.”

Talking about his visit to Soma, Feyzioglu said, "The women, even before seeing their husbands’ bodies, knew that they had become widows. They were crying not only for their husbands, but also for their children. My shirt became wet from their tears and I promised them that their children are our children.” 

Feyzioglu also said that an application to the Ankara Governorship had been made on Wednesday to get a permission to start a campaign. “We believe we will have the permission today,” Feyzioglu added.

“Today is not just a time to console our wounded, but also a day to identify those responsible,” Feyzioglu added.  

Feyziolu was speaking at the 13th Mediterranean Conference organized in Istanbul by the European Forum of the International Bar Association.

Feyzioglu's critical remarks a week ago at the 146th anniversary of the court’s founding drew the ire of Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who called the statements "politically charged" and "misleading."

Feyzioglu's referred to political issues concerning the ruling AK Party, including wiretapping scandals, corruption allegations against government officials, alleged fraud during the March 30 local polls and questions about the upcoming presidential election on August 10.

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